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Need to replace a blower/tvärströmsfläkt? Why not use Fergas New revolutionary EC motor option that reduces the energy consumption with up to 50%!

The blower fits in the same space as most AC motors and comes with leadwires for maximum flexibility for your application.


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W51190 - NCB 30x350 R 3-90 K1325

W51190 - NCB 30x350 R 3-90  K1325
More information: 51190


Crossflow (tangential fläkt)  30x350mm with R rotation. See drawing below for technical information

This fans is used for example in: Cooling cabinets, cooling of electronics in different application. Etc. Replacement unit for 50564.

The manufacture time of our products is 2-3 days from received order and payment

 Price in € Approx: 70€ (without VAT and shipping)

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W51190 NCB 30x350 R 3-90 K1325 813 kr SEK/st